Integrated Group Practice (“Super Group”) Formation

We counsel IGPs on issues such as:

The traditional role of the private practice physician is at risk because the business of healthcare has become too complex for most small, isolated medical practices to manage. EHR systems, integration of care, risk-models of reimbursement such as bundled payments, case rates and other non-fee-for-service models, patient satisfaction surveys, data collection and analysis, etc. – these are topics that barely existed even a few years ago, but which now pervade every facet of care.

Frier Levitt believes in the role of the private practice physician. In fact, we believe that the health of our country depends upon it, and we are committed to empowering physicians with the information, expertise and relationships necessary to resume their place as industry leaders in the provision of healthcare.

In order for a small, private medical practice to survive and thrive in the current healthcare environment, its physicians will likely need to become part of larger, Integrated Group Practice (IGP), sometimes referred to as a “Super Group.” Frier Levitt has been on the forefront of forming and representing single and multi-specialty IGPs throughout the country for over 20 years. We are aware of the budgetary constraints that newly-formed groups face, and we are able to provide substantially all of the pre-“go live” legal services on a flat fee basis.

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